Growing Pains 2016

Man, fall weather can't come soon enough around here! Fall is the time where lots of events are happening, both beer centered and not. We wanted to let you know why you haven't been seeing much of us- and won't be for awhile longer. We are knee deep in FINALLY getting this taproom/expansion built. Being the old navy base, that has turned into environmental paperwork vortex of time and energy. We've curtailed our event participation to a minimum to try to help minimize the stress and pull on our whole crew's time and sanity. Have no fear, we will get there and we will have a proper bar (air conditioned!) space to enjoy! So, we're sorry you won't be seeing us much at Charleston Beer Week and no COASToberfest this year.  We await the arrival of 4 new tanks but had to pull out 2 old ones so even our seasonal availability has been slim. I think you get the picture.....growing pains!

We appreciate your support all these years (9 and counting ?!!?).